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Digital Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is all about heat transfer. You use a machine to cut out letters and designs from colored vinyl and heat-press them onto the t-shirt to transfer the color to it. Vinyl printing depends on a combination of pressure and heat. Vinyl printing is suitable for very small runs of up to 16 t-shirts. That’s due to the fact that the set-up time is little relative to that of screen printing. However, this method is much slower than screen printing as each t-shirt needs its own set up. Vinyl comes in many different formats, such as metallic, fluorescent, flock and reflective colours. It can be as durable as screen printing – it can be washed up to 60c without any colour loss, so can be a good option for work clothing that needs hot washes. Some Vinyl is designed to stretch so is a great option for sports clothing including leggings. Vinyl gives a smooth even finish with crisp edges, but can look like it has been stuck on compared to screen printing which absorbs into the fabric.

Digital Vinyl Printing Price List

Number of Stitches10 or under10-20 pcs30-50 pcs60-80pcs100-150 pcs150 + pieces
1 color Only1501301101009080
2 Colors  Vinyl18015012011010090
3 Colors Vinyl200170140120110100
4 Colors Vinyl220190160130120110
5 Color Vinyls240210180140130120


***Printing Dimension is limited up to a4 size only, prints exceed in a4 size will add additional cost of 30 per prints. example (10 pcs shirt with  1 color at PHP150 + PHP30 for a3 size)  updated  as of march 31, 2018